Greg Stogner’s work tells mysterious narrative

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Painting
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“The post modern abstract paintings of Greg Stogner create rhythms that reverberate across the panels and engage the viewer with bold layers of mesmerizing patterns and design.

“Artists or not, we are imbued with certain characteristics that artists understand: that we can be seduced by beauty, fascinated by a mystery, comforted by the familiar, troubled or intrigued by the unusual, and the hidden,” Stogner said.

The runs and flows of acrylic paint in Stogner’s artwork are a symphony of spontaneity held together by the artist’s deliberate compositional choices that create the mysteries and seduce through their beauty. The establishment of this framework allows for the lyrical painting to develop a narrative, a context ripe with meaning and significance.”

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☞ One usually avoids describing abstract painting as “narrative.” This attempt to see “narrative” in abstract painting is quite unique.

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