Telling your brand’s story: 72 questions | Social Caffeine

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Brand story
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☞ Telling a company’s brand story involves knowing its brand history, and acknowledging the customers’ and other participants’ roles in the narrative.


“Every brand has a story.

Everyone wants to be part of a story. Being human means living a story.

That means all your customers, prospects, employees and suppliers want to be part of a story.

Tell a compelling story, and they’ll want to be part of yours.

But – here’s where most brands fall short – to tell a good story, you must know your story.

To know your story, you must dig deep into the vaults of your brand’s history, and into the minds and lives of your customers, employees and stakeholders.

Bestselling novelist Stephen King likens writing a story to digging for fossils. Finding fossils and digging them up safely is a specialist skill., You must know where to dig, how to dig, and what you’re looking for.

That’s what these 72 questions are tailored to do.”

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