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Modern classics: The new book is the third in a series of fashion fairy tales

☞ One of the ways to present a person’s biography is through narrative, and one of the favourite genres of narrative used for this is the fairy tale. This is the schema used by Camilla Morton in her biography of Diane von Furstenberg. There are two sides to a fairy tale, of course, and one wonders if the schematisation here is entirely positive (the full title of the book has the phrase “The Empress’s New Clothes” in it).

“From marrying a prince, to founding one of the world’s most famous fashion labels, Diane von Furstenberg has led a seemingly charmed life.

And now, the designer’s story has quite literally become a fairy tale, thanks to author Camilla Morton.

Titled Diane von Furstenberg and the Tale of The Empress’s New Clothes, she blends the plot of Hans Christian Andersen‘s The Emperor’s New Clothes with details of von Furstenberg’s own history.

The designer was heavily-involved with the project, not only working with Morton on the story itself, but also providing all of the illustrations.”

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