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☞ We know that narrative is pervasive. As such, its importance is increasingly recognised in many discipline and viewed from various perspectives. This article gives us further insights on the use of narrative and how its analyses will help us in our understanding of what is going on in the world.

“Human culture is dominated by the concept of narrative. Everywhere from the board room to the playground, from casual conversation to complex political discourse the idea of the story is key. How we process and build these narratives is vital to our understanding of intelligence and human civilization and yet, it seems, we are increasingly at a loss to understand this web of stories that surrounds us.

The last twenty years have seen an ever greater shift toward a knowledge based society and along with it a corresponding increase in the number of man hours spent focused on, manipulating and refining the basic building blocks of narrative.

From the business executive who needs to create a compelling narrative to the blogger reviewing the latest blockbuster; at the core of many jobs today is creating a good story. The vast majority of jobs in the modern Western world now rely on communication skills and, by implication, the need to tell a story. As Wikipedia defines it ‘a narrative (or story) is any account that presents a connected series of events.’ – In essence the ability to discuss and interpret ideas and turn these into a coherent whole.”

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