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❝I was annoyed — I wanted to meet young, dashing men. But I never got the chance. Henry stuck to me.❞

Carolyn Kellogg, “Henry Miller’s last wife, Hoki Tokuda, remembers him, um, fondly?”

For Paolo Coelho’s more
sympathetic account
of their relationship:


Hidetaka Miyazaki on plot and narrative

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❝Since games are driven so much by gameplay and level design, part of the challenge of being a game writer is making the story work even when the gameplay or levels change or if there is something that is added to the game which would be really fun to play but might not make total sense in the story. You have to try to make it make sense. That’s really one of the big parts of a game writer’s job, I think, making sure the narrative still works even when things in the game work against the narrative.❞

— Haris Orkin, from “What In The World Do Video Game Writers Do? The Minds Behind Some Of Last Year’s Biggest Games Explain,” by Phil Owen

❝I’d be a carpenter or a furniture maker.❞

— “Small Talk: Tash AwFinancial Times

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❝I’m interested in how we use narratives to understand other people, particularly those we love; and the writing of those narratives might be an exercise in power.❞
Amy Sackville