❝Since the inception of Malaya in 1957 and the Federation of Malaysia in 1963, the political narrative of our country has been one of race. Campaigns, parties, social movements rely on appealing to ethnocentric sentiments to remain relevant.

Post-1969, this narrative hardened and played on fears of ethnic violence. To a large extent, it has reinforced barriers between Malaysians, and created a siege mentality of “us versus them”.❞

In The Malaysian Insider

❝This destructive belief that skin color makes one group of people superior to another has dominated American culture, our institutions and our narratives consciously or unconsciously for centuries.❞

Gail C. Christopher

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‘Blindness’ by José Saramago is a fable about an unexplained mass epidemic of blindness which has unsurprisingly chaotic consequences.  The story begins with a man suddenly going blind as he is waiting in his car at some traffic lights.  Several other characters who come into contact with him also lose their sight.  The blind are quarantined in a mental asylum and left to fend for themselves but criminals soon gain control as society rapidly breaks down completely.  Only the doctor’s wife is still able to see for unknown reasons but she doesn’t reveal this fact.  Can she still help the others?

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Infant Spidey

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Changed history of spidey — mutant when he was a baby. Or was that a premonition of things to come?

Arnold Zwicky's Blog

 in a Bizarro from 2010 (posted on Facebook by Dean Galbreath):

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The Day Hemingway Died

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101 Books

We’ve talked about Hemingway’s fascinating life the last couple of days, so—as morbid as it might be—I thought we’d talk about his death today.

Hemingway’s funeral was private and, at the time, his death was still a mystery.

His wife, and even the authorities, said the death was accidental. But people were suspicious because of Papa’s widely known abuse of alcohol and his battles with depression. Two days prior to his death, he had returned from the Mayo Clinic for treatment for “hypertension.”

Here’s how an article in The New York Times on July 5, 1961 described Hemingway’s funeral and the mystery surrounding his death.

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Southeast Asian Literature on Flipboard

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One of my e-zines on Flipboard: Video Game Narrative < http://flip.it/8Wr32 >

Video Game Narrative

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