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☞ Brand storytelling is a much used term. But what does it mean? Here is an attempt to define it. Like all such attempts, one suspects that not everyone will agree with how it is defined here.

“What is brand storytelling, really? There’s a lot of hype around it these days. But in a business context, what does “storytelling” really mean? And more importantly, what’s the net takeaway of all the discourse surrounding it?

When seeking to align on what something really means, when all else fails, ask Merriam. According to Merriam-Webster, storytelling is: (1) the accounting of events or incidents, and (2) the stating of facts pertinent to solving a particular question.

The second definition is the most relevant in a business context, considering that the ultimate goal of brand marketing and corporate communications is to convince target consumers that they (still) need the brand. Likewise, “brand storytelling” really means the accounting of facts that solve the question: “Why do I (the consumer) need the brand?” The unspoken part of that mandate, of course, is to do so with creativity, innovation, utility and entertainment value. A difficult challenge to be sure. But when planned and executed well, thoughtful brand storytelling can increase revenue and brand value.”

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